ASP.NET core has been ready for quite a while, along with it's cross platform nature we can make apps for non-windows system totally, such as macOS and Linux. This article will show how we can make things up in Ubuntu from scratch.

Before we make progress, we need a Ubuntu LTS machine which you have root privilege. In this article, I will create a new droplet in DigitalOcean, that's Ubuntu 16.04. Also, we need to add a new DNS record A to your domain to point to that server, this is a must for Caddy server.


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发表于 2 年前 · 43 次访问

Last whole week, I was busying fixing a very strange bug which has been exists since the day our project started.

We have a Microsoft Azure Cloud Service worker role served as our mobile game server which is running 24/7, and the client side is located at customers' mobile phone, usually Windows Phone and Android.


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一直以来我都没能完全理解操作系统是如何处理 I/O 这些操作的,这些操作也是容易浪费资源以及WPF等桌面应用程序响应不及时的根源之一。今天早上,读到了《CLR via C#》中关于这一主题的章节,让我茅塞顿开。

假设有一台装了 Windows 的PC,有一个硬盘连接着系统。


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